Analyzing the Clip from Voyage Dans La Lune

| May 28, 2019

This film as directed by Georges Melies seeks to indicate various editing types. To begin with, it is relatively easy to notice cartoon-like images in the number of clips that have been employed. A number of images such as the houses or even some of the bullet that lands on the moon seek to illustrate the kind of animation that has been employed. He subsequently employs the use of superimposition as well as stop action in the clip. Someone is also in apposition to notice how he is able to depict the bullet landing, literally, on the eye of the moon. As opposed to the deliberate act of having the bullet move specifically into the moon, he opts for freezing the scene and in turn, made the subsequent scene which is virtually the same, even though with a bullet particularly in the eye of the moon.

Consequently, there is another thing that one is able to see is the moon itself having a face that resembles that of a human face, especially when the bullet is growing nearer and nearer. Other equally important ways that George sought to edit this clip is with the help of a number of transitions between different scenes. Fundamentally, Melies employed the use of four scenes in this film, as well as a number of transitions which he deemed fit to use, were dissolve and fade. Therefore, these varied transitions may to a certain extent, seek to denote a particular sense of time. Therefore, this could be seeking to show that either an extended period of time has since passed or importantly, they want us to notice the relation it has specifically to the subsequent scene.

Additionally, the montage of a number of images strives to construct a certain sense of time with respect to the clip. With the film moving from scene to scene that George in his assumption expected that we, the viewers would very much understand that the scenes are following one another. Markedly, this montage is seeking to convey the narrative of progression. A similar aspect in the clip which indicates a sense of time can also be the scene in which the camera draws nearer to the moon. It seeks to convey time owing to the duration that the camera takes on it.

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